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What is the Fact Framework?

The Fact Framework is a sophisticated solution that’s ready for us to customize for you. It’s a flexible and fully configurable modular framework used by banks, financial institutions and corporates across the globe. The Fact Framework can be completely integrated into your existing workflow, incorporating spreading and financial analysis, risk rating, loan origination and approval workflow processes. Limit and exposure management and covenant monitoring modules are available too.

What the Fact Framework does

The Fact Framework comprises three core risk management modules:

  1. Spreading and financial analysis
  2. Risk rating models and scorecards
  3. End-to end loan origination

Each module can be customized extensively and used either independently to supplement and improve existing processes, or combined for a complete credit risk solution.

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Key benefits

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Key features and benefits

  • Fact offers a single point of entry to your entire credit risk management process
  • Our open architecture allows ready integration with all internal and external data sources
  • Our flexible, modular framework is designed to suit your specific business requirements: spreading and financial analysis, risk rating, model calculation, loan origination, covenant monitoring, limit setting, credit approval workflows
  • Our interfaces are fully customizable: define layouts, reports and help tools that suit your organization’s policies and practices
  • Configure interfaces and make any modifications you like using the Fact Framework’s administration, development and integration toolkits
  • Fact is a vendor-neutral platform – it will integrate with most third-party data providers
  • Centralize all your risk rating models within a single platform
  • Own the ability to quickly meet new and changing regulatory requirements
  • Leverage our extensive project management and customer support infrastructure

The Fact Framework and regulation

Implement standardized foundation and advanced internal rating-based (IRB) approaches in the Fact Framework.

The Fact Framework accommodates Basel and other global and regional regulators’ requirements:

  • Consistent and regular review of counterparty credit ratings
  • Assigning ratings to borrowers and facilities, with audit trails
  • Peer review workflow processes and controls
  • Rating history and override reporting and traceability
  • Storing facility and collateral information
  • Data governance

The Fact Framework helps your organization comply with general Basel requirements, providing a platform for consistent, auditable credit and rating processes.

The Fact Framework’s workflow management capability facilitates frequent and regular reviews of borrowers based on both qualitative and quantitative inputs, and archiving of the respective counterparty and facility information.

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Our team

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Our experienced team

Our experienced team will discuss your requirements around:

  • Data – whether it includes ours, yours, other external sources, or a blend of all three
  • Functionality – we’ll look at how you need to manipulate the data and how you want to display the results
  • Workflow – the Fact Framework can be used as an approval workflow tool or seamlessly integrated with your existing workflow and systems
  • Hosting – host your Fact solution on your server or ours

Our integrated toolkits mean your own teams can also customize your Fact solution, including models, business rules and reports.