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Our collection of white papers and other content explores business challenges around research, data and risk mitigation. Many look at how to best analyze companies with complex ownership structures – the theme of beneficial ownership runs through much of our content.

They’re developed with industry experts, and are free to download. Please just enter a few details so we can email them to you.

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Compliance and financial crime

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Compliance and financial crime

Fighting crime with data

Fighting crime with data

This Bureau van Dijk interview with Global Witness campaigner and investigator Barnaby Pace explores how data can combat the unexpected and harmful impacts of fincrime. Learn more about how data and technology are being used to help to uncover wrongdoing, and how regulation is supporting corporations and society in taking a responsible approach.

Transparent Trade fanned pages

Transparent trade

This white paper covers the latest thinking on beneficial ownership, power and control. Find out how beneficial ownership can differ from ‘control’, how recent changes in regulations are affecting due diligence and how company ownership data can help you protect your company.

Sanctions compliance fanned pages

What you need to know for sanctions compliance

Sanctions enforcement is at a decade high. We spoke with three compliance experts who share their top tips and considerations from banking, corporate and legal perspectives.

Creating clarity around ownership structures thumbnail

Creating clarity around ownership structures poster

A great tool to help add clarity around the complex world of navigating corporate ownership – especially identifying risk around sanctions.

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Really getting to know your third parties

Looks at how you can protect your business reputation in an increasingly complex world of third-party corporate compliance.

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Corporate credit risk

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Credit risk

Corporate credit risk

Managing the tension between business growth and credit risk fanned pages

Managing the tension between business growth and credit risk

How do you make sure your credit risk decisions don’t hamper your growth? Find out how leading organizations are striking the balance.

Assessing a company's financial strength fanned pages

Assessing a company’s financial strength when you don’t have its financials

Shows how you can improve your credit and supplier risk assessment by using scores based on non-financial information, and explains the science behind them.

Internationally standardized company information fanned pages

Internationally standardized company information for credit risk

Examines the benefits of a credit risk picture based on globally standardized company information.

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Tax and transfer pricing

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Tax and transfer pricing

International integrity thumbnail

International integrity

This special report considers the importance of company data in a post-BEPS world. At a time when the global nature of business is being questioned by many, companies will want to make certain their international activities are secure, by attributing profits correctly as part of a robust transfer pricing policy.

Optimize your tax risk ID fanned images

Optimize your tax risk identification and management using data

How tax jurisdictions can use technology to combat profit shifting and modernize their tax management systems.

BEPS Action 13 fanned pages

BEPS Action 13: navigating the new environment

Answers key questions about BEPS and Action 13. Get advice on the data and solutions that can help you overcome recent challenges. View global documentation filing requirements.